Who we are

BOLSA DE ALQUILER is a meeting point ( market place ) which owners ( Supply ) and tenants ( Demand ) are contacted by a team of professional experts in real estate management and rental. We offer a wide variety of Seasonal and Long Stay flats under fair market conditions, regulations in conformity with the law and an excellent service in order to assure the full satisfaction of our clients (Owners and Tenants).
How does the idea of creating BOLSA DE ALQUILER arise?
By the end of 2007 three visionary experienced men in the real-estate sector, take the initiative to summon other equally visionary and experienced colleagues with a well oriented service for undertaking a new project. This new real-estate project, which was developed in the second quarter of 2008, would have the main objective of satisfying the flats demand for seasonal and long stay rentals in Barcelona city. Also it is important to mention that we work under well defined service standards with a common management technology tool called Globalinmo.
Who integrates BOLSA DE ALQUILER?
BOLSA DE ALQUILER is conformed by six (6) Specialized Real-estate Agencies that take care of the importance of integrating the advantages of technology and experience in the real-estate sector. We are always looking for satisfying the needs of our clients (Owners and Tenants) by offering a wide variety of flats in different modalities: Seasonal and Long Stay rental.
Main values of BOLSA DE ALQUILER
The values of BOLSA DE ALQUILER and its Real-estate Specialized Agencies are:

In order to assure our clients’ full satisfaction with high quality flats, a good customer service, agility and the comfort of finding a great variety of options in one place: www.bolsadealquiler.com.

We are a group of six (6) Real-estate Specialized Agencies who share a vision, a common language and a main objective: To continue growing to satisfy the flat demand for Long and Seasonal rent.

We have a clear way of “How to act”, guided by processes and procedures, taking care of every detail of the operation to guarantee full satisfaction.

We act in accordance with the law and under standards based on ethic, honesty and transparency.